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Report of JRMF Founding Director's Visit to Malawi

Posted by margaretasalele on August 25, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (42)

Dear JRMF Members,

I had a sucessful visit to Malawi from July 31 to August 22. I missed my flight on Teusday August 20 as I was very busy with foundation work in Chiradzulu Dictrict. I met the Senior Traditional Authority (TA) Mpama and the TA Likoswe to seek permission to engage local chiefs in a discussion about the Jean Rose Mbilizi Foundation. Both traditional authorities were enthustic about the projects being proposed by the JRMF. They expressed overwhelming support of this development initiative. TA Mpama refered me to Sub Chief Onga who opened access for me to meet Sub Village headmen/women in his area as well. I met 5 group vllage headmen (one woman) from the Mpama area, 5 from the Onga area, and 19 from the Likoswe area (10 women). All the 39 group village headmen welcomed the JRF projects and offered their support in the implementation phase. The group village headmen then summoned their village headmen/women (48 from Mpama, 54 from Onga, and 129 from Likoswe area). Consultations with the chiefs included explaining the JRF concept and seeking their feedback. . The chiefs proposed that a village committee be established to oversee the running of JRMF activities. 

I also had the privilege of visiting Chiradzulu Secondary School where I held a forum with the headmaster,19 teachers, and Group Village Headman Msaka of the area. While being the only full secondary school in the district, I found it to be in a poor state or repair and lacking in security for girls. I took a tour of the facilities and saw many brocken windows and furniture. The school was not fensed which put girls at risk. The headmaster told me that villagers in the area are building the fense and what is needed is suport for cement and other building materials. The teachers were very enthusiastic about partnering with the JRMF to improve schools in Chiradzulu Central.Some volunteered to be members of the village committee which will include chiefs and local community members. I also visited St Michales Primary school and met the headmistress. She explained to me how the school does not have a water system. Children were drinking water from a pond which was not sanitized. She pleaded with me to include, in the JRMF agenda, an initiative to provide boreholes for schools that do not have any.

At the end of my visit, I had established that the work of the Jean Rose Mbilizi Foundation will play a critical role in advancing education opportunities, not only to girls, but to many community members in Chiradzulu Central. I am convinced that the JRMF will be instrumental in increasing philanthopic support to edacational advancement in Chiradzulu District. A photo album of my visit to Malawi will follow.


JRMF Founder to Visit Malawi

Posted by margaretasalele on July 16, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The Founder and Executive Director of the JRMF, Dr. Margaret Asalele Mbilizi, will visit Malawi from July 29 to August 21 2013. During her visit she intends to work with local communities in Chiradzulu District to identify potential beneficiaries of the JRMF scholarship fund. She will meet chiefs, heads of primary and secondary schools, and parents to determine specific needs of each girl to be sponsored by the JRMF. Dr. Mbilizi will also conduct a needs assessment for the JRMF vocational training program and initiate a discussion with chiefs in relation to the site for the Jean-Rose Academy. Dr Mbilizi hopes to meet other NGO and local government officials in Chiradzulu to share the vision of JRMF and solicit their support . She hopes to publicise the JRMF through the local media and other outlets in Malawi.


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